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Coach Dawn

Dawn Newton Stepic has recently experienced a life changing medical condition at no fault of her own. She has recently become paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury from the waist down and will need assistance with home modifications, transportation, and medical expenses. She has and always will be a fighter and has always been a very independent woman. She wears that badge with great honor! She will not ask for help, but with the situation that is developing, the strong woman that we know and love needs all the help she can get. At this moment in time, she is mentally and physically drained. While she is dealing with this life changing episode of her life, we ask to refrain from contacting her directly until she is more mentally prepared. These t-shirts are to not only raise money to help with expenses but to raise awareness for all those suffering from spinal cord injuries. We appreciate all of your understanding, love, and support during this time! 

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